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Acrobatic Dance in Victoria

Victoria Acro Classes

Acro dance is the shortened name for Acrobatic dance. This style increases flexibility and uses group formations in the dance style. Acrobatic dance emerged in Canada and the US in the early 1900s as one of the many types of dance performed in Vaudeville, which was a very popular entertainment. Since there was a very gradual appearance of acrobatic dance, no one individual performer has been credited as its originator.

Acro dance's defining characteristics include smooth, graceful transitions between dance and acrobatic movement. In order to qualify as Acrobatic Dance, the dance being performed must have a significant percentage of dance movement with respect to the amount of acrobatic content in or for it to be categorized as Acro.

The dance disciplines used to create the dance routines in Acro are founded in ballet, jazz, lyrical and modern. Acro dance is by no means restricted to those dance styles, but without including elements of those dance styles will create something other than Acro Dance.

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