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Adult Dance classes in Victoria

All adult classes run as a Short Term Program. These programs happen for 3 times in a school year. Students do not need to pay for registration fee. There is no refunds after sign in, but if you would like to try out a class before committing to it, contact us directly.

Adults may, if they wish, participate in the annual show or other performances.

For registration in these classes, please visit the registration page.

We enjoy a positive atmosphere of fun, solid technique building, excellent fitness training, and individual encouragement with fabulous experienced teachers.

Adult Ballet (19+) - Our Adult Ballet classes offer many benefits for body, mind and coordination. A total body workout set to classical music, Adult Ballet utilizes a combination of movements to shape and tone your muscles. This class promotes flexibility, tone muscle, Strengthens core strength and stability, Builds stamina and coordination, Improves posture and body awareness, and many other benefits of classical dance.

Adult Tap (50+) - This class is specifically tailored to mature students, and welcoming to beginners ladies and gentlemen. If you’ve ever tapped your foot along to a favourite tune, then you’re already tapping! Learn the "taps", "drops", "shuffles" and "flaps" of this iconic theatrical dance.

Term 1 - Monday September 12th to December 17th, 2016
Term 2 - Tuesday January 7th to Thursday April 13th, 2017
Term 3 - Tuesday April 18th to Saturday June 3rd, 2017


Term 1 - $238.00 + GST
Term 2 - $238.00 + GST
Term 3 - $147.00 + GST

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