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Royal Academy of Dance Ballet

Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Ballet is taught with students able to take exam programs, or to enjoy ballet as a recreational activity. All classes are challenging and fun!

The RAD is a worldwide organization committed to training excellent dancers and teachers in sound technique, a full range of ballet elements including free movement and character dance, and providing an assessment and exam system which is accepted as a leader internationally. Exams also gain graduation credits. For those not ready/unable to commit to exams, presentation classes may be entered for with Certificate of Participation but no marks/grades awarded.

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Exam classes and levels (after Preschool):

Exams may be taken at the discretion of the Principal and regular classes must be attended. For ALL classes, correct ballet uniform must be worn. Leather ballet shoes - no split soles!

Children's levels

Pre-Primary - gentle introduction to exams with teacher present. Class Award.
Primary - first ‘real’ exam for age 6+: up to 4 pupils together.
Grade 1 - around age 8-10, includes character.
Grade 2 - 8+ depending on experience. 2 classes per week (G2 + G3)
Grade 3 - 9+ depending on experience & teen beginners. 2 classes min.
Grade 4,5 - 10+ depending on experience 2 -3 classes min.
Grade 6-8 - optional exams for teens 3 classes min.

Vocational Levels

High school graduation credits (4) for vocational exams passed
Intermediate Foundation (includes pointe for girls) at least 3 hrs per week + pointe
Intermediate - requirement for many professional colleges and teaching courses
Advanced Foundation (optional)
Advanced 1 - at least 6 hrs per week required
Advanced 2 - requirement for ARAD status. At least 6 hrs per week + pointe
Solo Seal - only for those of solo quality/ability. Min. 10 hrs per week

Teaching Exams

There are two streams - Certificate (CBTS or PDTC) or Cert/Diploma/Degree. The former is specializing in ballet, the latter is broader in dance styles and areas of study.

Pre-Professional & Professional Training

We offer excellent professional training for ballet and general dancers. Suitable students who wish to study diligently in dance are invited to select the following:

Age 7-10 2 ballet classes minimum per week including one technique class
1 ballet class, 1 modern theatre/jazz class, & 1 contemporary or musical theatre class
Age 11-15 3 ballet classes per week, at least one must be a vocational level
2 ballet classes, 1 modern theatre/jazz class, and a choice of 2 other classes

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