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I.S.T.D. Syllabi & Exams

Good clean dance fun!

A variety of styles are encompassed within these theatrical styles:

Jazz/Modern Theatre - ISTD exams, free jazz, lyrical, funk...

Jazz hop - contained within Jazz lessons: street jazz/hip hop blend

Tap - ISTD exams and free tap in various styles: rhythm, Broadway...

Exams: the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) is the leading exam syllabus for aspiring performers/teachers throughout the world. Grades from Primary - Grade 6, Jazz Awards, Vocational exams, teaching exams.

All our classes have CLEAN MUSIC, MOVES and DRESS.

Kids' and Adults' classes

Uniform: for exams and classes: plain coloured bodysuit (tank style), black footless tights/leggings (modern/jazz) or cycle shorts, black jazz pants for practice allowed, black jazz/tap shoes.

ISTD Dance Classes Victoria

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