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All of our classes build technique, musicality and artistry in a fun, positive atmosphere.

Try a class: A current class may be tried out - we would like you to feel comfortable in the class and with the teacher! Watching classes is permitted when arranged with the Director or teacher for prospective parents/students only. Otherwise, there are prescribed watching days each term to avoid disruption to classes and distraction for students. Beginners are always welcome at any age!


All classes suitable for boys and girls.

Age 2-3

General dance training and fun creative exercises to develop musicality, artistry and basic technique such as good posture, use of feet, bending and stretching etc.

Age 3-4

General dance training and fun creative exercises as above.

Pre K/K & Age 4-6

Ballet or Dance - Development of technique, musicality and artistry in a fun atmosphere.

Pre-K/K Age 4-6 combo

Ballet, Tap and Jazzy moves - establishing and developing techniques suitable for all dance forms.

ISTD = Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing

Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing. Like the RAD, a top organization worldwide with international examination syllabi. The ISTD includes dance styles as diverse as: tap, modern theatre dance/jazz, street dance, ballroom dance, Indian dance, and folk dance and also includes ballet (Cecchetti and Imperial ballet). We use the tap and modern theatre dance/jazz syllabi currently.

Modern Theatre Dance

lyrical, jazz and funk styles that can be seen in e.g. musicals or stage dancing. Exams may be taken.

Tap dance

classic and up-to-date tap styles. Exams may be taken.

Musical theatre

Singing and dancing as in the musicals. Emphasis on correct singing technique, and proper use of dance techniques while singing. A little acting is included. Age is open as Musical Theatre uses a variety of child and adult ages onstage. Recommended minimum is 6. Family discounts apply.

Jazz and Hip Hop

CLEAN moves and music. Street styled hip hop moves and the more upbeat jazz styles.


Building from ballet-based technique including choreography and modern dance movements arising from the centre of the body. Graham and other techniques combined.


Short for Acrobatic Dance, this style increases flexibility and uses group formations in the dance style.

RAD = Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D)

This is a worldwide renowned syllabus and examination board. Students may take exams as recommended by the teacher which, at higher levels, count for High School graduation credits. Students may take this class for leisure alone or also for examination preparation. Please note that there is an increasing time commitment for those wishing to take examinations. (RAD) Grades 1-5: those wishing to take examinations should be attending two ballet classes or more per week. For those taking Grade 6-8 or Intermediate Foundation-Advanced, at least 3 classes per week should be taken.

All classes suitable for boys and girls. Boys also receive particular strength training and boy-specific exercises. We have several young men in our ballet program. DANCE GRADE levels ARE NOT school grades and they build up, like music grades, from one another. Age guidelines are the minimum.

RAD Grades 1-3 (age depending on experience)

Building on ballet technique plus the addition of character dance (the folk-style dancing seen in ballets such as La Fille Mal Gardee, Coppelia etc), and free movement (modern ballet styled movements).

Pre-K/K Age 4-6 combo

Ballet, Tap and Jazzy moves - establishing and developing techniques suitable for all dance forms.

Ballet Technique Classes

Vital for those doing exams. Good for recreational dancers or late starters wanting to build technique. Includes strength and flexibility training.

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