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Summer Classes for 2017

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Schedule of Classes for 2016-2017

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RAD & ISTD GRADES ARE NOT SCHOOL GRADES. Like swimming levels or music grades, they are a series of levels which increase in technical difficulty. For new placements, please seek advice.

MODERN THEATRE dance includes Jazz funk, lyrical and other jazz styles.

Monday in Studio A Monday in Studio B
Class Teacher Class Teacher
4:00-5:00 RAD G2 Ballet (1) SW LJ
5:00-6:00 RAD G4 Ballet (1) SW 4:45-5:30 Jr ACRO (Age 7-11) LJ
6:00-7:00 RAD G5 Ballet (1) SW 5:30-7:00 Inter.& Performance ACRO LJ
7:00-8:30 RAD Inter Fdn & pointe/pre-pointe SW
Tuesday in Studio A Tuesday in Studio B
Class Teacher Class Teacher
3:30-4:15 PREPARATORY BALLET Age 5-7 AE 3:30-4:15 Beginner JAZZ/TAP Combo (age 4-6) CP
4:15-5:45 BALLET Technique & prepointe work AE 4:15-5:00 ISTD G1 TAP & MODERN/JAZZ (7+) CP
7:15-8:15 Adult Ballet * AE 6:00-7:00 Adult Tap * CP
Wednesday in Studio A Wednesday in Studio B
Class Teacher Class Teacher
10:00-10:30 Little Dancers (Ages 2.5-4) SW
10:30-11:00 PRESCHOOL DANCE Age 4-6 * SW
3:30-4:15 RAD Primary (7+) SW
4:15-5:15 RAD GRADE 1 BALLET (A) SW
5:15-6:15 RAD G2 BALLET (2) SW
6:15-7:30 RAD Inter Fdn SW
7:30-8:30 Contemporary & Lyrical SW
Thursday in Studio A Thursday in Studio B
Class Teacher Class Teacher
3:30-4:00 Little Dancers (2.5-4) SW
4:15-5:15 IDTA Jazz Grade2/3 JG 4:00-5:00 RAD NEW Grade 5 SW
5:15-6:15 Hip Hop Kids (7+) JG
6:15-7:15 Hip Hop Teen (7+) JG
Friday in Studio A Friday in Studio B
Class Teacher Class Teacher
RAD at Sooke Dance Studio 5:30-7:00 Inter. & Performance ACRO LJ
Saturday in Studio A Saturday in Studio B
Class Teacher Class Teacher
9:00-9:45 Ballet/Jazz combo (Age 4-6) AE 9:00-9:30 Little Dancers Age 2-3) SW
9:45-10:30 Ballet/Jazz Combo 2 GL 9:30-10:15 RAD Primary Ballet SW
10:15-11:00 RAD Pre-Primary Ballet SW
11:00-12:00 RAD G1 Ballet (B) SW
4:15-5:15 Beginner Highland (Age 7+) GL
Schedule Subject to Change
* Short Term Programs

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