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Lighthouse Class Registration

Registration for 2016-2017!

Check our Office Hours for in school registration.

Web registration will be accepted at any time.

Registration fees may be paid immediately by cheque or by using the Paypal buttons below. Post-dated cheques may be supplied by mail or drop off.

We would love to see you join our dance team for 2016 and beyond. Please print and fill out the document linked below in order to get started with registering at Lighthouse Academy of Dance.

How to Register:

  1. Pick classes for each dancer.
  2. Find length of class on the Classes/Schedule pages. Add up total dance hours PER DANCER.
  3. Look up the total hours PER DANCER in the fee table to determine fee. Note: The table provides a discount as the amount of hours per week.
  4. Check the Discount Chart for Families if you have two or more children registering.
  5. Choose payment options. See Fees Page.
  6. There is a $40 registration fee per student or a $50 registration fee per family is due at time of registration (excluding short term programs). Early Bird fee is $30.00 (until June 25th).
  7. Make 1 costume cheque for $50 PER CLASS dated January 15th, 2017. (Excluding Short Term Programs)
  8. Make cheques payable to Lighthouse Academy of Dance.
  9. Complete and sign registration agreement form. Please mail form to the school, drop off in our office hours, or sign and scan it and email to us at

2016-2017 Registration Document

Online Payment with Paypal

Please ensure that there is space in the appropriate classes prior to making payments.

Paypal is a safe and easy way to pay online and for the one time payment options, no account is needed! If you do have an account, you can even pay by bank transfer or by cheque.

If you would like to purchase a combination you don't see here, please enquire as we would be happy to assist you!

Registration Fee

PayPal Automatic Billing for Monthly Plans (10 x)

Note that payments will commence and be taken out on the same date each month as the initial date of set up (so, if you click and set up on 28th August, the first payment will come out then, and the rest on 28th of each month until the 10 months are over).

Registration and Costume payments are NOT included and must be provided separately. (Please enter monthly amount or contact us if you are unsure on the calculation).

  • Enter the maximum amount you want to pay each month $ CAD
  • Sign up for

Short Term Programs

Adult Classes

Preschool Classes

Little Dancers (2.5 - 4 years old)

Preschool Dance (4 - 6 years old)

For other combinations, please contact us!

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