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UNIFORM 2016-2017

Uniform Requirements

Pre-School Age Classes

Little Dancers: Age 2.5-4
Preschool Dance: Age 4 to 6
Ballet & Jazz Combo: Ages 4.5 – 6

Pre-School Age Class Uniform


  • Pink Cap Sleeve Leotard
  • Elastic Crepe Ballet Skirt – must be above the knees
  • Pink Ankle Socks – No tights
  • Pink Full Sole Leather Ballet Shoes


  • white close-fitting T shirt or leotard (prefer short sleeve)
  • black shorts (snug-fitting bike shorts) & short white socks; OR may wear black stirrup tights or footless tights long enough for socks to overlap
  • White short socks & white leather ballet shoes (no split sole)

RAD Pre-primary in Dance: Age 5 - 6
RAD Primary: Age 6+
Preparatory Ballet: Ages 5-7

RAD Pre-primary & Primary Girl Uniform


  • pink short sleeve leotard
  • pink semi sheer skirt, faux wrap style, (semi-sheer skirt, length should be half-way between mid-thigh and knee for proper line of arms when holding skirt in demi-seconde per the RAD)
  • pink short socks or pink tights (socks recommended - last longer)
  • pink leather ballet shoes - must be full sole.


  • white close-fitting T shirt or leotard (prefer short sleeve)
  • black shorts (snug-fitting bike shorts) & short white socks; OR may wear black stirrup tights or footless tights long enough for socks to overlap
  • White short socks & white leather ballet shoes (no split sole)


RAD Ballet Grade 1-5:


  • MULBERRY tank style leotard: pinch-front tank with matching waist elastic (Mondor 1633 or similar through the studio)
  • pink tights
  • Skirt – black character skirt with pink, purple and blue ribbons (available through the school)
  • pink leather full-sole ballet shoes (NO split soles!)
  • black canvas character shoes with Cuban heel for Grade 3 and up. (low-heel for Grades 1 and 2)
RAD Vocational Grades


  • As previous grades until Grade 3. From Grade 4 all to way to Advanced 2 white socks worn over white tights.
  • Character shoes - cuban heel
  • Dance belt
RAD Ballet Grade 1-5

RAD Vocational Grades (Intermediate Foundation and after)


  • Black leotard princess seam thick straps (check with the school before purchase)
  • pink tights
  • soft pointe shoes or soft ballet shoes, pink with ribbons. Pointe shoes for the pointe work section, pink with ribbons. Split sole shoes are permitted. – pointe shoes after teacher approval
  • No character wear
  • optional matching short sheer ballet wrap-skirt permitted for class (plain or patterned fine, but skirt colours should coordinate with bodysuit). For classical variations in Advanced work, a practice tutu may be worn.


  • leotard or well-fitted short sleeved t-shirt worn tucked into tights
  • white socks worn over white tights
  • No character wear
  • white or black canvas or leather soft ballet shoes with white elastic. Split sole shoes are permitted


Junior Acro

  • Black leggings and any color body suit (no spaghetti straps)
  • Bare feet (nude toe undies can be worn)
  • Hair off face (eg. Ponytail, braid)

Intermediate Acro

  • Black tank style leotard.
  • Black leggings
  • Tan footless tights (for performances)
  • Toe undies



Girls Top – bodysuit from ballet class OR any single colour bodysuit (prefer purple or black; must be a ‘modest’ style, NO spaghetti-straps, NO bras permitted to show)

Boys Top – any colour close-fitting t-shirt or bodysuit


  • for class - all black jazz pants (full-length or capri) , or black leggings
  • for exams - black fitted bike shorts OR leggings/footless tights


  • Modern Theatre/Jazz Junior (ages 7 – 11) – bare feet, or any brand or style black jazz shoes (NO Footundeez permitted)
  • 12 + Up– any brand black jazz shoes (prefer lace-up style, NO jazz sneakers)
  • Contemporary – bare feet (Footundeez or other lyrical shoes permitted if student feels it necessary but are not recommended; nude ONLY)
  • Hair – long hair in a ponytail, French braid or bun


Top – bodysuit (no spaguetti strap), t-shirt (with no offensive writing)

Legs – black jazz pants capri length, or sweatpants.

Shoes – soft jazz shoes, any colour non-marking indoor, or black jazz sneakers.

Hair – off face


Girls – ballet bodysuit OR any other single colour modest bodysuit (prefer purple or black) (NO spaghetti)

Boys – plain coloured t-shirt

Legs (girls & boys) – all black capri jazz pants, or full-length, or fitted dance shorts


  • Primary Tap – Same tap shoes as Grade 1 or party hard sole shoes.
  • Grade 1 Tap & anyone who has taken tap for less than 2 years: Capezio 625 shiny patent shoes or Capezio 3800 ‘Mary Jane’ (may wear a hard-soled shoe for first 2 classes to see if like tap before purchasing tap shoes)
  • Grade 2 Tap & Up AND any student who has taken tap for 3 years or more – must choose from the following shoes:
    • Capezio 3800 ‘Mary Jane’
    • Capezio CG55C ‘Extreme’ jazz tap
    • Capezio CG17 ‘Fluid’ jazz tap
    • older, more experienced tappers encouraged to purchase:
      • Capezio CG100 ‘Hoofmaster’ jazz tap, Capezio CG19 ‘Cadence’ jazz tap, Capezio CG09 ‘Premiere’ jazz tap, Bloch 301 ‘Classic’ jazz tap
      • OR the more advanced Bloch 313 ‘Jason Samuels Smith’ jazz tap or Capezio TP360 ‘Tap Pro' jazz tap
    • NO Capezio 625 & NO split-soles permitted
    • Hair – in a ponytail, French braid or bun

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